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At the beginning of July I went to #RetroFriday, a networking event that happens every couple of months at Bridge House in Honley (Social Progress & Creative Analysis). These businesses are big supporters of Fairtrade and often there is a Fairtrade theme. They do a great job of raising awareness in the Holme Valley, where we live and work. It was a fun morning involving fairtrade cups of coffee, banana smiles and a quiz, besides the usual networking. The highlight for me (sad, I know!) had to be the signed fairtrade cotton bag by Patrick Stewart, saying "make it so!"
I also, wholeheartedly, support Fairtrade too. If you come to my therapy room you will find all my tea, coffee, sugar etc. are Fairtrade. But why do I bother? Is it just for show; a PR exercise? No! I support Fairtrade because I believe in not only a fairer life for people everywhere, but a world where people are empowered and have a chance to lead a dignified life. Don't we all deserve this? We have the power to achieve this if we all make small changes. So let's do this. Let's work together towards life- a better life for all!
3 small steps to making a difference:
  1. Swap your cuppa
  2. Enjoy a sweet treat
  3. Get involved-
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