Inspirational! Hypnotherapy with Becky was so many things – relaxing, calming and most importantly effective! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

HS - Phd viva preparation and anxiety Tweet

Becky is an honest, kind and intuitive person who puts 100% into everything. Each client can expect to receive her personal investment to achieve completely satisfactory results.

I had been struggling with confidence and self-esteem, particularly in relation to my high-pressured job. The sessions helped me to visualise successful outcomes to the situations causing anxiety. This was done in a supportive and calming manner and Becky had a lovely way of making me feel safe and secure. Prior to starting, I wasn't sure whether hypnotherapy would be for me but I would now recommend Becky to anyone needing help in getting 'back on track'. I have since been given a considerable promotion and am looking forward to this new challenge with renewed confidence.

Becky helped me overcome my sugar cravings and weight loss issues. She is calm and professional, and helped me to feel completely relaxed. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Becky made me feel well at ease and I was impressed in how she took time to get to know me and get to the bottom of my reasons for trying hypnotherapy. I found her very professional and thorough and I really do feel my sleep goals are being achieved and that is making a big difference to my attention levels and energy levels in the day...

- AG - For sleep and sports performance Tweet

I've been having sessions with Becky for I.B.S. and after the first one I felt relaxed ... the more I had the better the bowel became... so I would have these sessions again ... thanks Becky

I visited Becky as I was in a point in my life where I could not see the woods for the trees and felt I needed help and guidance. Becky was extremely patient, kind and listened carefully to my problems. I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy with her and were amazed at the results. I would highly recommend her as a professional hypnotherapist.

Accept the person you are,
right here, right now, just the way you are.
You are enough.

Change the way you think and feel,
leave stress and anxiety behind.
Step confidently into your future.

Live a life you love today,
completely in the present moment;
neither regretful of the past or worrying for the future.